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Global Pacific is committed to doing business the right way. As part of our corporate social responsibility, the company is taking action to minimize the impact of its business activities on the environment, while creating opportunities for employees, and advisors to build greener futures. From our recycling, imaging, Green IT and printing programs we are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and to help ensure environmental sustainability in Canada.

We have implemented several efficient business processes, are proactive in investing in sound technology, and are creating relationships and business strategies to help reduce our environmental impact. We continue to develop our understanding of climate and energy, and take actions that protect the environment and strengthen our business.

Here's how we're making a difference:

Reducing CO2 emissions:

• Since 1999, Global Pacific has participated in recycling programs;

• Installation of more energy efficient lighting;

• Implementation of teleconference training and development; and

• Elimination of courier to business partners where possible

Green IT:

• Installation of energy-Star computers;

• Elimination of paper faxing where possible and reduce paper use;

• Reduction of paper documents;

• Virtual files replaced Paper files where possible (documents are imaged and stored electronically); and

• Reuse, recycle or donation of PDAs, cell phones, laptops and PCs.

Printing and distribution Programs:

• Reduce the amount of paper used to print and copy documents;

• Develop a "life cycle" culture into the principles of design, print, and distribution, including an assessment of the environmental impact of printed materials throughout their lifespan;

• Purchase paper made from recycled content, produced under sustainable forest management programs;

• Balance between printed material and e-delivery and print-on-demand; and

• Review suppliers' sustainable business practices and commitment to the environment