Building and preserving wealth together.


Supporting your Clients

How can you support yourself and your clients with a career in financial services?  With a promise!



Seven Top Reasons to be in the Life Insurance and Financial Services Industry:

POPULATION - The Canadian population is living longer and growing at the rate of over 300,000 per year.

RETENTION - The industry values client retention and provides supportive tools and systems.

OPPORTUNITY - The opportunity to accumulate wealth and help others is abundant.

MENTORING - Our industry is built on mentoring and helping each other succeed.

INSURANCE - The "I" word is back in vogue and more important than ever.

STABILITY - Financial services products are needed during all economic times.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP - The entrepreneurial spirit and freedom to be your own boss is alive and well.


At Global Pacific, we are committed to support our advisors for the long term, and offer a diverse selection of solutions to fit any client's needs or budget. If your current business arrangement doesn't provide this, or you would like to know which specific solutions Global Pacific can offer you, please connect with through email at

You can also call 1.800.561.1177 to schedule a consultation.