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Interest Rates for Life Company Guaranteed Investment Accounts

Global Pacific's service offering includes working with our Deposit Broker Agency, Macnaughton & Ward Financial Services Ltd. (MWFS).  

Competitive Term Deposit rates are available in the marketplace, from our partnering companies.   Your deposit is made in a low risk product issued by a financial institution such as a bank, trust company, credit union or life insurance company.  GPFS and MWFS represent leading Financial Institutions that offer

  • term deposits
  • short term deposits
  • cashable term deposits
  • guaranteed investment certificates
  • and guaranteed investment accounts.

The MWFS team is experienced and knowledgeable and is dedicated to providing you with the savings and investment product that is right for you.

Life Insurance Company interest rates for Fixed Term Interest Options

B2B Bank & Laurentian Bank

Canada Life

Empire Life

Equitable Life

First West Credit Union
iA Financial Group

Manulife Bank & Trust

Manulife Investments

Prospera Credit Union

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- Effective date and interest rate will be the date funds are deposited with the carrier / financial institution.

- The information provided is for convenient access to the partner company's Guaranteed Interest Term rates. Refer to the carrier website on the date of investment/deposit for accuracy and quoting purposes.

- The links and rates may change at any time. Refer to the carrier's website for interest rate quoting purposes.